Design Research | Spoon Rocket

Collaborative Project with Analicia Barros & Acacia Martinez


My team conducted primary and secondary research with customers of Spoon Rocket and their competitors. We synthesized the qualitative data to uncover insights into the specific archetypes of their user base. Following the concepting methodology, we leveraged those insights to identify opportunities for the company. We specifically recommended one concept and designed a rough prototype of the additional product needed, and cut a short video scenario depicting a customer using the product. We finalized on a recommendation that SpoonRocket take advantage of the quantified-self movement, as they already cater to much of that crowd simply by nature of being a recent web application startup. We filmed a scenario depicting a collaborative wearable product with Fitbit that would customize orders for individuals based on the rigor of their daily activity.


This was a fully collaborative project from start to finish. No one person took entire responsibility for any particular section of the project. I fully participated and many times led the group in brainstorming, researching, interviewing, synthesizing, and ideating. I played a particular role as I directed much of the logistics of the the process, and led recruiting efforts for interviews and activities. I also took a major part of the responsibility of developing the archetypes of our interviewees, and integrated those into the presentation with supporting quotes and descriptions. It was my responsibility to cut and assemble the video scenario, as others in the group were integral in assembling and designing artifacts for the presentation.


This design research project sponsored by Spoon Rocket asked us to research and offer expansion opportunities to their current product/service offering, and to find new and innovative ideas and opportunities to help them scale their business.

● They want to understand and recognize their value proposition and brand and how their product offering is currently doing against their competitors

● They are looking to understand who their customer is and these individuals' current behaviors, needs and pain points when utilizing their product and other competitors products

● They want to learn about potential areas in the current market where they could take on a new or differentiated customer base

● They are looking for new, unique ideas that align with their current product or service line and brand, but will help them to evolve into new and exciting places.

Plan, construct, create and perform primary and secondary research to develop customer archetypes, insights and opportunities areas for the organization.