Visual Design | GoGanic App

Individual Project


 This project imagined a client that was a start-up that wanted to create better experiences for health consumers and in doing so, they asked me to create a mobile app that would allow their customers to track their health and diets. Their requirements for the app include:

  • user can input their food intake
  • user can review their food intake (daily)
  • user can review trending/analysis of their intake 4. user can take action using the analysis (recommendations, share results, goal setting)



I designed GoGanic – an app that enables users to photograph their meals with their iOS device. After a combination of recognition formulas and quick identification forms, the app determines whether the food is organic, or contains pesticides and/or is genetically modified. The food is then rated and the ratings are statistically categorized over time to rely an accumulation of unhealthy foods. Graphs map out the progress of goals to eat more healthily. To keep the app model sustainable and provide motivation to choose the healthy option, the app offers deals/awards from participating health food stores and restaurants when users reach their goals.