Post synthesis phase means choosing a space to focus on. But we have so many ideas! There are a lot of opportunities for us to consider, and so many pain points we have identified within and without design consultancies. I thought we would have a clear direction after our synthesis, but that’s not the case at this point.

We are at a point where we can choose to do something for in-house design teams, consulting the consultancies themselves, introducing new designers to the industry, trying to beat consultancies at their own game, working with companies that have not invested in design yet, or companies that have in-house design teams but need an innovation team.

How do we choose? There are so many great ideas for each direction. And how do we prevent tangents at this stage that is basically a forest of tangential opportunities? I don’t think we figured either of those questions out yet. We semi-decide on directions, but can’t seem to come to a more dedicated consensus. And we mostly just chop our way through the discussions, getting caught in tangents, then realizing we are digging too deep we step back to get ourselves back on track.

I learned that there is a fine line between introducing a concept vs. diving deep into a concept. I’m not sure I’ve learned how to decide the appropriate point to dive deep when some discussion is necessary to even determine the viability and interest in a concept.