Now this I can do. Numbers are numbers. I have worked with very similar circumstances when starting businesses in the past, and I have a good grasp on the reality of survival when starting something new. The main difference for me is that now I have a family, so my personal burn rate is not only significantly higher than the good old days of being single and able to live on practically nothing, but also significantly more consequential when taking the risk.

It was my responsibility during this phase to figure out the business licensing fees, workers comp insurance, health insurance costs, and I helped with the fun part of looking up the cost of leasing potential office space. Many of these numbers are very customizable, so it was difficult to anticipate exactly what the costs would turn out to be. It also becomes complicated when licensing a business because not all of the potential costs are explained clearly in documentation online, so it is a bit of an adventure when going through the hoops of legitimizing with the government.

We worked on what it would cost if we were to open tomorrow while also considering the ideal state of the business. It is also fulfilling to set our own worth through determining our own salaries.