Of all the weeks our team has been working together, I think this was the best. We found our flow this week and it is generating some great results.

I was actually a little uneasy coming into this week. We had not ended on the most positive of notes last week, and were needing to really come together to know how to pivot and narrow. I thought we might struggle to get back to the core insights that our opportunities were founded on.

To my surprise we nailed our meetings early in the week. We all seemed to have naturally re-centered on the research insights, and defined the opportunity we would commit to and test this week. Going back to were we saw the largest gap in the market, and the most opportunity that overlaps with our skills, we are reaching out to startups that have recently acquired funding, and are ready to boost their product and business culture with the integration of systemic user-centered design. We will be the embedded design team for startups that have still been either functioning without design, or juggling freelancers. We offer not only product design, but creative culture design for teams. And, ultimately, provide the framework for providing access to a customized design team from our network when our goal has been reached. We bring value to the part of the market that only has access to the risky network of freelancers. One of my tasks in this process was to define our value proposition. I decided to take a stronger position in the wording of the statement, and phrased it from the perspective of the audience. i.e. "You are a startup that needs a design team...." Phrasing it this way removes some of the barrier for our target users, and helps them visualize the applicability of the service directly to them.

Branding fell into place next. We are now Voxum Design. And we had a great meeting that helped up realize the logistics that are essential to put in place for this type of endeavor.

Throughout the week I learned the power of turning back to the data when we’ve become clouded by the immense amount of opportunities and tangents. The data tells us that we are doing something the market asked for. Now we just have to prove it through vitality testing and validation interviews.