Now that we have found our focus as an embedded design team, we need to find ways to innovate within the space to really introduce something special to the market. This is how we will separate our offering from all the other design consultancies seemingly doing the same thing. We worked on pushing our concept further this week.


As we looked at the opportunities related to our focus and received feedback from our instructor on our weekly update presentation, we identified an analogous opportunity. Just as we’ve identified that the traditional cost structure of consultancies makes hiring a consultancy inaccessible to many businesses, we have also seen that the skill level and methodologies used by UX designers varies a great deal in our industry, making it very unpredictable for anyone hiring to know what to expect. We can assemble a library of resources for any team to have access to which would establish a solid expectation of methodologies and frameworks for any UX designer. We could set it up as a subscription service, a membership, or itemize individual documents for purchase.

I had a chance to email Dylan Longley also this week. He has worked with a few teams internationally as a business analyst, co-founder, and educator. It was great to hear the perspective of someone in New Zealand, as well as to speak with someone with his specific background, having hired many design contractors and consultancies to do various projects. He has a much broader scope of experience than many of the other participants we have interviewed, as his experience has been in hiring design for promotional print material as well as standard digital UX projects. He was able to validate much of what we are directing our vision to address in relationships and processes with clients, and provided good feedback. I’m enjoying the validation phase of the project as we are very obviously on the right path to address the issues in the industry.