We have an idea in our heads of what a consultancy is. Even though we have every intention of doing things differently, and even though we have done the research to uncover what needs to change, we still have been caught in the magnetic pull of not breaking the traditional model completely. We’ve held on to this so tightly that as we have identified other awesome business opportunities we try to wrap them up with the semi-traditional consultancy model we are pitching.

This week we realized in order to be successful we needed to tighten our focus on one element. One by one these are all great business opportunities, but we are sinking ourselves week after week trying to build all three simultaneously. Perhaps they can all be a part of the eventually business model, but as we enter the startup space we need to have a razor sharp focus. Each week as we presented our progress the class would still be in a state of confusion of exactly what we are trying to accomplish. And a visit from an angel investor provided us with the precise expectations from the market and investors for a team like ours.

It was difficult, but we finally did it.

We are no longer a semi-traditional consultancy. We are no longer pitching three opportunities all at the same time. We are now a qualitative resource library. We can now spend the appropriate time needed to create clarity for this concept, and paint the picture of the model that will sell the pitch.