It’s time to have a pitch, but we just pivoted and focused at the last minute on the concept of a resource library. This was the week we perfected divide and conquer. There was no way we were all going to be able to work together on every part of the presentation and documentation and have our pitch ready in time. So, we all claimed something and got to work.

I claimed the business model, revenue, and market. This was a huge undertaking, especially during finals. And I had to essentially develop them from scratch because we tossed out the consulting side of our business completely. We are doing something very different now. And our target user has changed.

I’m still at a loss of how to find real estimates for TAM and SOM. I can identify certain numbers, like, Forrester has 2,600 clients, but there isn’t a way to look up how many businesses we can potentially reach, especially when our potential audience is possibly not even what we expect at this point.

Good thing I like numbers and money. I spend a lot of time creating a realistic scenario. And I feel good. It is like summiting a mountain The way up sucks, but when you make it you feel great.

We aren’t sure what we should ask for. I think we should ask for enough money that makes it worth their while. I don’t want to repeat the mistake that some groups made when practicing with Dave and ask for too little. But looking back we should not have asked for money at all. This wasn’t a model that needed funding. We needed clients to begin accumulating reports for our library. And that showed when the visiting “VC’s” opted not to fund us.

We also forget in the mess of all our projects being due the same couple of days to include that we are scalable by having organizations like universities and colleges feed research into our library. We don’t have to do it all our selves. 

I’m pleased with how far we made it, but I still believe the model needs some work to really become sustainable and possible.

That great thing is that it has spurred a few new ideas that may be more plausible. Can’t wait to try them out!